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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whatcha Up to La?

Oh.  I am neglectful.  But you will understand.  My life (well, most people's lives really) does this thing where I wonder if it thinks I am manic.  Soo so busy, then a leetle less busy, then really really really busy.  Its cyclical.

So here's what I 've been up to since Halloween crazy. This is also your What to do this weekend advisory as well as a good lesson on what not to do if you like sanity.

Look at that chainmail!!  
Martyr's Crossing.  A play written by a friend of mine, Melissa Leilani Larsen about Joan of Arc.  It is playing in a teensy little theatre in downtown Provo called the Echo.  I am rather pleased with how the show turned out.  This one is one of my baby budget shows which means if I want it to look good I have to put a piece of my soul into it.  I built quite a bit for this one and have worked most spare moments (including a good chunk of Thanksgiving Day)  for the last several weeks.
It opens tomorrow (Friday) and runs until December 15.  Go see it.  Support your local tiny theatre.

                                                      Get your tickets here.

As it happens, I am also working on Christmas Around the World with the Folk Dancers at BYU.  Martyr's Crossing and the folkers needed me to do technical rehearsals with them all on the same week.  I've been up past 1:00 am pretty much every night this week.  I'm too old to do that.  I sat through tech for this last night (I actually went back and forth between the Marriott Center and the Echo several times last night.  Someone shoot me.) and breathed the freshly stage fogged air all night.  I was pleasantly surprised by this show.  I decided that I would indeed use my comp. tickets and take my kids to go see it.

It also opens tomorrow night, but has only 3 performances with Saturday matinee and evening.  Get those tickets here.  When you see the little "Rays of Light" come on with Father Christmas you can clap extra loud, because that's the part I did.  It is probably the least cool part of the whole show, but now you know someone important.

I also have a Day Job which has asked to put all dance stuff aside and help out with crafts on Phantom of the Opera.  This is a mega show, the likes that has never been seen in Provo (this is actually not an exaggeration...its going to be really really big).  So I'm doing some random stuff to help get that show ready for opening in January.  Like these muscles.  Large red spandexed Phantom Masquerade muscles.  I can never ever say my job isn't interesting.  Everything is getting padded.  EVERYTHING...so yes, that is a proportionally appropriate codpiece you see there.  And buttocks.
Tickets go on sale to the public for this next week.  I wouldn't wait to get these tickets if you think this is something you'd like to see; I think this will sell out fast.  We Mormons like our musical spectacle.
More info here.

And right in the middle of all this, I kind of had a nervous breakdown over my stairs.  Stairs?  you ask?  Yes.  Huck as a puppy decided he really like the taste of carpet padding and had ripped most of it out at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the basement.  I didn't want to bother getting it fixed until I was sure he was over that (like having nice things when you have small kids...an exercise in futility).  And then...a few months back he decided that the fourth step from the top was an excellent place to pee.  And that the third step was where he'd like to hang out all day...you know, right next to the pee.  Every time I walked down the steps and smelled all that dog and then tripped over the ripped up carpet at the bottom my blood pressure would sky rocket.  So I decided I needed it fixed. NOW.  So Mike came and ripped it all up and pulled all the staples out and put nice new molding in for me.  I primered the hell out of the steps to seal off the pee smell, sanded and painted the trim, installed a nice new gate at the top and then Edgar came and installed the carpet.  It is such a small thing really, but now my trips up and down those stairs are pleasant filled moments.  No angst.

Anywho...that's what I've been up to.  But I'm exhausted.  So I will probably turn off my lights well before ten tonight and call it a day.  And a week. And a month.  Whew.

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