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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Madness

So I realized I had never officially posted on Halloween.  I sent some pics up to Face book...but I thought I'd better get it all done right.

 Mr. Beene wanted to go all steam punk, so we went in search of a 19th or early 20th century author to fit the bill.  He settled on James Barry of the Peter Pan fame. Technically, this is his last trick-or-treat year, so he wanted to go all out, and he did, although everyone thought he was either Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter.  Whatever.  He was awesome as hell.

Anna, as you may recall, wanted to go as a broken antique doll.  Well mama didn't get there.  Mama nearly ended up in the psych ward so a compromise for the benefit of all was made.  She went as a witch.  But she has informed me that she still expects that costume.  For her AND Charlotte, her actual doll.

Huck tried out a few things (witch, mummy, ghost) but finally settled on Peter Pan.  You can see how pleased he was with his choice.

You may also recall that little miss is in a dual immersion program for Spanish Language.  Being in third grade this year, you can really start to see the language progression.  She brought home this story she wrote and which I will probably keep forever and ever (and I am not a keeper of every school thing that comes home...).  She titled it Noche de Terror.  I can only translate about 1/3 of it. but there are a LOT of exclamation marks so I know it is full of good stuff.

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