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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whatcha Up to La?

Oh.  I am neglectful.  But you will understand.  My life (well, most people's lives really) does this thing where I wonder if it thinks I am manic.  Soo so busy, then a leetle less busy, then really really really busy.  Its cyclical.

So here's what I 've been up to since Halloween crazy. This is also your What to do this weekend advisory as well as a good lesson on what not to do if you like sanity.

Look at that chainmail!!  
Martyr's Crossing.  A play written by a friend of mine, Melissa Leilani Larsen about Joan of Arc.  It is playing in a teensy little theatre in downtown Provo called the Echo.  I am rather pleased with how the show turned out.  This one is one of my baby budget shows which means if I want it to look good I have to put a piece of my soul into it.  I built quite a bit for this one and have worked most spare moments (including a good chunk of Thanksgiving Day)  for the last several weeks.
It opens tomorrow (Friday) and runs until December 15.  Go see it.  Support your local tiny theatre.

                                                      Get your tickets here.

As it happens, I am also working on Christmas Around the World with the Folk Dancers at BYU.  Martyr's Crossing and the folkers needed me to do technical rehearsals with them all on the same week.  I've been up past 1:00 am pretty much every night this week.  I'm too old to do that.  I sat through tech for this last night (I actually went back and forth between the Marriott Center and the Echo several times last night.  Someone shoot me.) and breathed the freshly stage fogged air all night.  I was pleasantly surprised by this show.  I decided that I would indeed use my comp. tickets and take my kids to go see it.

It also opens tomorrow night, but has only 3 performances with Saturday matinee and evening.  Get those tickets here.  When you see the little "Rays of Light" come on with Father Christmas you can clap extra loud, because that's the part I did.  It is probably the least cool part of the whole show, but now you know someone important.

I also have a Day Job which has asked to put all dance stuff aside and help out with crafts on Phantom of the Opera.  This is a mega show, the likes that has never been seen in Provo (this is actually not an exaggeration...its going to be really really big).  So I'm doing some random stuff to help get that show ready for opening in January.  Like these muscles.  Large red spandexed Phantom Masquerade muscles.  I can never ever say my job isn't interesting.  Everything is getting padded.  EVERYTHING...so yes, that is a proportionally appropriate codpiece you see there.  And buttocks.
Tickets go on sale to the public for this next week.  I wouldn't wait to get these tickets if you think this is something you'd like to see; I think this will sell out fast.  We Mormons like our musical spectacle.
More info here.

And right in the middle of all this, I kind of had a nervous breakdown over my stairs.  Stairs?  you ask?  Yes.  Huck as a puppy decided he really like the taste of carpet padding and had ripped most of it out at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the basement.  I didn't want to bother getting it fixed until I was sure he was over that (like having nice things when you have small kids...an exercise in futility).  And then...a few months back he decided that the fourth step from the top was an excellent place to pee.  And that the third step was where he'd like to hang out all day...you know, right next to the pee.  Every time I walked down the steps and smelled all that dog and then tripped over the ripped up carpet at the bottom my blood pressure would sky rocket.  So I decided I needed it fixed. NOW.  So Mike came and ripped it all up and pulled all the staples out and put nice new molding in for me.  I primered the hell out of the steps to seal off the pee smell, sanded and painted the trim, installed a nice new gate at the top and then Edgar came and installed the carpet.  It is such a small thing really, but now my trips up and down those stairs are pleasant filled moments.  No angst.

Anywho...that's what I've been up to.  But I'm exhausted.  So I will probably turn off my lights well before ten tonight and call it a day.  And a week. And a month.  Whew.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Madness

So I realized I had never officially posted on Halloween.  I sent some pics up to Face book...but I thought I'd better get it all done right.

 Mr. Beene wanted to go all steam punk, so we went in search of a 19th or early 20th century author to fit the bill.  He settled on James Barry of the Peter Pan fame. Technically, this is his last trick-or-treat year, so he wanted to go all out, and he did, although everyone thought he was either Willy Wonka or the Mad Hatter.  Whatever.  He was awesome as hell.

Anna, as you may recall, wanted to go as a broken antique doll.  Well mama didn't get there.  Mama nearly ended up in the psych ward so a compromise for the benefit of all was made.  She went as a witch.  But she has informed me that she still expects that costume.  For her AND Charlotte, her actual doll.

Huck tried out a few things (witch, mummy, ghost) but finally settled on Peter Pan.  You can see how pleased he was with his choice.

You may also recall that little miss is in a dual immersion program for Spanish Language.  Being in third grade this year, you can really start to see the language progression.  She brought home this story she wrote and which I will probably keep forever and ever (and I am not a keeper of every school thing that comes home...).  She titled it Noche de Terror.  I can only translate about 1/3 of it. but there are a LOT of exclamation marks so I know it is full of good stuff.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Call to Republicans and Democrats alike

So now that the ever-lasting election season is behind us, I have a suggestion.  And I would like to present it through song.  But don't worry, I won't sing.  We'll leave that to the professionals.

If you agree, regardless of how you identify yourself politically, let's get an Amen up in here.

And that, my friends, is why I should be elected.
Because I don't just complain.  I come up with real world solutions.

Monday, November 5, 2012

So You Might Be A Democrat IF...

*Warning: Explicit use of the D-word in this post.

I live in a red state.  Not pink or “red” or Red or even redRED.  As in neither presidential candidate even bothered to come here.  I’ve maintained my political neutrality over the years, feeling that a two party system is one of the things that is bringing us down as a country (this is not a new idea, BTW; Adams was vehemently opposed to this system and he was there from before the beginning) but I find myself, recently, starting to take sides.
This is tricky.  When you live in a world where people (still) think that the Mormon Church endorses and encourages its members to vote a particular way and when your neighbors will judge you according to your political leanings, taking any side but the RED side can ostracize you from your community. I can’t say I don’t have opinions when I do, and when I also feel free to express them (thank you Facebook and the constitution) but I never actually declare my affiliation.  Technically, I’ve maintained my “Independent” status.  But the truth is, I’m suspicious of myself.   I may be outing myself here, but here are some guidelines I’ve created for myself to try to determine on which side of the fence I linger longer.

So you might be a Utah Mormon Democrat and not even know it if:
1.    You are not a Republican.  This is apparently pretty important.  You may not have thought you identified with the Democrats all the way, but the very fact that you don’t think you’re a Republican automatically bumps you to the left.
2.    You think diversity is good.  There should be two sides to every conversation.  Not necessarily disagreement, name-calling, judgment or otherwise, but true discussion taking into account various opinions and viewpoints.
3.    That poverty is not always a choice and that we are stronger as a society when the haves share with the have-nots.
4.    That basic healthcare is for everyone.  And that just because someone doesn’t happen to have a great job that offers a nice insurance doesn’t mean they are the scourges of society for wanting it.
5.    You don’t necessarily want to get rid of all the guns, but don’t understand why we can’t have a conversation about the consequences of all those guns.
6.    You thought about being a suffragette for Halloween.  You probably wanted to do this because you think women should get equal pay for equal work.  The fact that this wasn’t a law until 2010 is astonishing.  Thanks Lilly Ledbetter!
7.    You don’t think the government has any right to any part of your reproductive life.  Not your contraceptives or your access to them.
8.    You may not believe in abortion for yourself, but you respect that fact that it may be the right choice and their very own choice for someone else.  Because not every woman who seeks an abortion is just out thoughtlessly whoring.  But you think that girl has rights too.
9.    You don’t think illegal aliens are the source of all our problems.
10. You think there should be marriage equality.  Trust me, the gays are not destroying marriage.  We’d already done that, and if two people who love each other and want to commit to one another somehow degrade a heterosexual union….well, then I’m not sure it had much going for it anyway.
11. You like the government.  You like safe foods and toys and roads and airplanes.  You like National Parks and Mt. Rushmore.  You don’t necessarily care for war, but see the importance of a military.  Military=government.  You maybe needed a student loan to get through college.  You like that when you go to buy a house or a car, the bank can’t just decide to charge you one billion percent interest—just because.  You like the Internet. A lot.

In short if you answered yes to (let’s pick an arbitrary number here….) FIVE or more of the above, you may be a Democrat.  I might be a Democrat. 
There.  I’ve said it and posted it.  I’ve outed myself.  Let the isolation and name-calling begin.  You can unfriend me on Facebook and question my integrity and my testimony.  But I’m still the same insane person I was yesterday, but today I got politics.

My Obama sign finally came a couple of weeks ago, and as I resolutely marched out front to plant into the lawn, William (who is proud that we think “differently” laughed and shook his head.  “Oh mom.  What have you done?”  Because even he recognizes that thinking something and proudly displaying it on your lawn are two entirely different things.  

I don't know how the election will turn out tomorrow.  I'm happy there is a Mormon running.  But I'm not voting for him.  You can.  And I respect your right (I'm talking to you: the entire state of Utah) to do so.  I like my RED state. I will be up late watching the election coverage like most people.  I won't cry if Obama loses; I'll give the Mittster a chance.  Maybe he'll prove me wrong.  Maybe I'll also get a unicorn for Christmas....wearing a "Votes for Women" banner, of course.