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Friday, October 26, 2012

Whatcha Up to, La?

Ugh.  It has been quite a few busy weeks.  I've been working almost exclusively on Luz de las Naciones at the LDS Conference Center.  Big Show.  I am only working on one of probably twenty different numbers in the show, but there are over 1000 performers total, including the choir.

If you've never been to or seen the LDS conference center, this thing was built for BIG.  I guess we don't like to do small.

Anyway, the production showcases many of the different cultures that exist within Northern Utah (and therefore, the church) that represent descendants of Book of Mormon.  It is a Cultural Celebration, so to speak and the focus is song and dance.  That's one of the reasons it is so big.  The Venezuelans have a big dance group and the Samoans, Native Americans, Mexicans, Bolivians, Argentinians....all perform traditional dances in traditional costume.  It is very colorful and quite fun.  It is pretty much all in Spanish.

I worked on the Mayan Creation; a story of the beginnings of man and earth and animals and life...or something like that--I'm not sure exactly what they say, nor are most of the performers because this one is in the Mayan language which hardly anyone knows.  I was asked to work on the headdresses that most the performers in this number needed to wear.  There were some headdresses that had been built a few years ago for a similar show, but many were in tough shape and nearly unusable as is.  So I refurbished several and built nearly from scratch several more.  26 in all.  Whole heck-of-a-lotta feathers involved.  And hot glue.  And burnt fingers from the hot glue. and bits of shrubbery and leather and fur and shells.  I built it all at home, and let me tell you...I made a big mess.  It was a fun, new kind of project and the show is all worth watching.

And then I also got to paint quite a bit of the body paint on the young Mayan gods....not bad for an honest days work.
If you are up for it, the show runs through Saturday and tickets are FREE.  But I know audiences in  the conference center are expected to be pretty full (despite holding something like 20,000 people).  It is crazy that a show that probably used thousands upon thousands of volunteer hours only hits the stage for two nights.

Anyway, here a few favorites both refurbished and new builds.

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