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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkins! Fall Bird Feeder

As you probably know, I am Activity Days leader for our neighborhood, and coming up with fun things to do and places to go is fun but also a bit challenging.  We have a budget, but being naturally economically frugal, I try to stagger free stuff with things that cost a little more.  The girls LOVE crafts, and although I've tried to steer us into other waters to explore, I do indulge every couple of months.  This month usually involves some sort of pumpkin theme, but I really didn't want to do the pumpkin painting activity the kids seem to get everywhere.....so I found this cool thing on Pinterest from Martha Stewart.  (You can follow me on Pinterest...see my sidebar for the cool little button thingy)
It went down pretty well.  Here is you guide to doing it too...with Activity Days girls, or scouts or kids parties.  We were having awesome fall weather, so I could do it outside, which is a real plus.

Things you will need:

  • smallish pumpkin for each girl (Martha says 3-5 lbs.  mine were more like 2 1/2 lb. pie pumpkins)
  • sturdy twine
  • carpentry staple gun
  • drill with large drill bit
  • large knife
  • cutting board
  • stuff to scoop out pumpkin guts
  • something to put guts in
  • small sticks
  • birdseed
  • newspapers, etc for covering workspace

  • I cut off the top part of the pumpkin-about 1/3 down with this size pumpkind and the set the girls to digging out the guts

  • We then drilled four holes; one on each side just opposite each other about an inch down from the top of the pumpkin.  I then had the girls scour my yard for the perfect bird perch sticks to put through the holes (they have to be pretty skinny), which kept them busy AND cleaned up my yard.

  • Cut 2 long pieces of twine (about a yard each) for each pumpkin.  Turn pumpkin over and lay the twine criss-cross over the bottom and staple in place; gently turn pumpkin over (or you'll pull the staples right out)

  • Fill with birdseed (or give girls pre-made bags to take home) and tie around a tree branch or send them home to let their mom's figure it out. (We didn't do the little pumpkin seed edging--trickier than it looks like it should be--they just kept popping right back out of the edge)

  • With 5 girls it took about 45 minutes with clean up including little breaks to jump on the trampoline.

Stay tuned for all things pumpkin this week, including what I did with those pumpkin tops and seeds

Anna's creation hanging from our Cherry tree

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  1. That actually looks pretty fun. I just need a place to hang it near a window. It would keep the kitties amused for hours.