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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Oddities and Such

More random and weird stuff I see as I go about my boring day.

First off this lovely painting for sale at Hobby Lobby.

I guess they wanted to make sure their pretty much secular holiday had a tiny itty bitty Jesus in it so they didn't forget the reason for all our grotesque consumerism? And the baby Jesus is reaching out to Santa (or is he flipping him the bird...?)

But look at all that lovely use of light...and they even did that thing where they add a thick coat of goat shellac with the brush marks so it looks like legitimate art.

But really, pragmatically speaking, do you really think Santa has time to stop and ponder all the little nativities?  He's a busy guy and has a LOT of stops and some very expensive flat screen TVs to get out in one night.

Next up, I bought a new curling iron for work and it came with this handy warning:

Good to know.


Fast-food remodels?  This fancy Wendy's in Orem just got a face-lift and I'm wondering if they think this will entice us to eat there--they've even got the little cafe tables outside with umbrellas.  "Hey, we're all hip and RED just like your favorite cafe eatery!"  huh.  Do people even go in these places anymore?  It doesn't seem like destination food...more like desperation.

So in my latest project I needed rather copious amounts of the corn husks--like the kind you use for tamales.  Well, maybe not YOU, or ME, but people do use them for tamales and so I found my way to a seedy little Mexican market/money lender/Western Union/bus depot and this was the sign in front of my car.  I think the poor quality is due to the uncleanliness of my windshield.
Also notice the towing company is called Velocity Towing.
Does that mean that they will be there speedy quick to take you away, or that they go tearing down the road with your car on a chain?

And considering the neighborhood I was in, how would you know if your car got towed or stolen?

In the theme of Mexican Stuff I can't possibly understand comes this candy sucker.  Anna recently went to a birthday party of one of her classmates and came home with a goody bag full of Mexican candy including candy Cigarettes (I didn't even know they could still make those!!) and after I peeled her off the ceiling and tried to throw away the remainder of her spoils, this was all that was left.
Look closely.  IT IS A WATERMELON FLAVORED CANDY COVERED IN POWDERED CHILI.  No one would try it.  Anna wrinkled up that perfectly freckled little nose and pronounced it disgusting.

Stay tuned.  There is weirdness all around.

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