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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Huck: career advice

Happy Friday Everyone!  Today we are graced by a new Huck's Advice!

Dear Huck,

I am an eight year old boy and I don't know what to be when I grow up.  I already feel "different" from my peers and I don't want to get left with digging ditches, just because I was an indecisive kid.
Please advise.
Career hunting in Kansas

Dear Hunting,

I too have felt the need to pursue a career.  Thus far, most of my ambitions have been to get the treat, so I've been willing to do things I'm not proud of.  But I too feel different (more like "elevated" but different works too) from those who surround me.  I am also interested in pursuing a creative field--you know, something to focus my angst and oppressed feelings into.  So, for me, I've decided to give musical theatre a go.  Broadway isn't your only option though.  I understand there are lots of jobs that aren't necessarily picky about who they let in.  If education isn't your thing, I heard that there is a shortage of chicken pluckers in North Carolina.  Or if something more daring is your thing, you might try base-jumping--based on the news reports, they seem to run through those fairly quickly, so my guess is that there are openings.  I do not, however, endorse musicians.  Particularly if you have canine friends at your house, and under no circumstances should you learn to play the accordion, violin or piccolo.
As for me, I have an audition later this week for a local production of The Lion King.  I've been rehearsing for weeks.

Best of Luck,

*It should be noted I think Huck is a little nervous about his audition...at least he looks this way every time he tries on his costume....

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