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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Conversations with a Boy: ACDC vs. Maria

Me: Anything interesting happen at school today?

Wm: It is Red Ribbon week....

Me:  Did they have an assembly?

Wm: Yeah, they had a magician.

Me:  Cool.  Was he any good?

Wm:  yeah.  He wanted to pick a boy to help who had the longest hair.  He ALMOST picked me.

Me:  Oh, then he saw Ethan?

Wm:  Yeah.  And  then Bodie.

Me:  Who's Bodie?

Wm:  New kid.  Has hippy hair.

Me: Ah.  Not like Ethan's which is...

Wm: ACDC hair.

Me: ACDC hair?  Like the 80's metal band?

Wm:  I guess.  He likes them.  He has a T-shirt.

Me:  Oh.  The T-shirt definitely proves he is into it.  Have you ever heard ACDC?

Wm: No, I don't think so.

Me: Well...I think it would be hard to hear that sort of thing growing up if your parents don't listen to it.

Wm:  You don't like ACDC?

Me:  Not really.  I never really got into metal bands much.  The big hair, yes, the music not so much.  Lucky for you, your mom is into musical theatre so you get to grow up listening to Musicals!

Wm:  Lucky me.  (weak jazz hands)

Me: I wonder what kind of hair kids who grow up listening to musicals have?

Wm just turns and walks away.

I start belting songs from The Sound of Music until I hear his bedroom door slam.

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