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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Review: Faith

Faith by Jennifer Haigh

This book tackles, from a fiction standpoint anyway, the deep issues surrounding the deeply disturbing accusations of priests and the sex abuse scandal of the Catholic church.  I think by now, pretty everyone has at least heard something of the abuse, cover-up and reticence of the church to even admit there was a problem among its priests and the children of its congregations.

The story revolves around Father McGann, a beloved priest in the Boston area.  It follows his early life and paints what seems to be a pretty believable picture of an Irish kid growing up in the 50's and 60's who then goes on to become a priest.  (I say believable, because I am completely removed from both the Catholic church and Boston--I know almost nothing about both...but it sounded good to me).  In his later career he is accused by a parishioner.  The story then narrates the feelings and actions of his two siblings as they try to cope with this accusation and what it means for their faith and their relationship with both their brother and their church.  It navigates some pretty tough waters (child abuse and all) but is not gratuitous, which I appreciated, because in the end it is not really about the child abuse, but about how people deal with it and how those relationships are affected.  I loved that so many sides of the story were told.  I often feel like we are unable to make good judgements because we lack the insight that comes from one another, and our life experiences. The book allows you to realize how often we just do not know the whole story.
I won't spoil the story and tell you the ending, but suffice to say this is not a cheery book, a light read, or any other type of brain fluff reading (which you know I also appreciate), but was a worthwhile read.
I haven't read any other books by this author, but she also wrote Mrs. Kimble, The Condition and Baker Towers. Here is her website (notice her sassy author photo--it is in B&W but then someone painted her eyes blue....it is a bit Twilighty to me...like she is vampiress or something.  You don't think so?  No?  Just me then....)

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