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Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: The Alchemyst

I was given a series for the summer.  The Alchemyst by Michael Scott (I know...but not of The Office fame) is a young adult fantasy series.  It is a slightly older version of the Fable Haven type.  I pre-read it for my 11 year old, and as he just finished the first book and liked it, I think I can recommend it for as young a reader as that.  I enjoyed it and went straight on to each successive book; the last of 6 came out in May.

The story revolves around a brother/sister team who find themselves thrust into a world full of magic and crazy creatures by their association with the infamous Nicholas Flamel. You may recognize the name from Harry Potter--turns out he was a real guy from 15th century France--and he was an alchemist.

While the magic and the creatures and the worlds are all quite fun, and is probably what appealed to William, what I like the best were the ways that historical figures, legends and mythology are woven through the story.  Without giving too much away, we get to see how Machiavelli, Joan of Arc, Billy the Kid, Mars, Prometheus, Virginia Dare, Isis and Will Shakespeare among many others play into the "history" of this world.  The history nerd in me loved that.

The most irritating thing about the books is that each one only covers 2 days and they are fairly action packed.  If you are one who likes to know what happens next I'd have them all lined up and ready to go before you start.
And while I can't quite put this in the same camp with Harry Potter, if you like the fantasy-this is fun series and a good read for the tween reader in your life.

The Books are, in order:

The Alchemyst
The Magician
The Sorceress
The Necromancer
The Warlock
The Enchantress

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