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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Season Openers

I wish I could say I wasn't a TV person.  But in truth, I kind of am.  I like TV for the most part.  It has played a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Now, I am NOT a sit down on the couch and watch a couple of hours to wind down each night kinda gal.  I've got too busy a personality for that.  But since God gave us hulu, cooking and cleaning up after dinner have become new experiences. I also spend a LOT of time in my studio working on various projects: see here and here for examples.  I like to set the lap top up on the corner of my desk and just let hulu or the netflix do its thing.  Hulu gets judgey though.  You've been watching for three hours, would you like to take a break?  Um, when I want to take a break, I'll turn you off, thank you very much.  I'm not even really watching.  I'm mainly listening, but if I have to think real hard about something while I'm working, I'm not even doing that, which leads me to miss key plot points, which may be why I was continually confused while recently plowing my way through the Dr. Who series.

I love a good series with 5 or 6 seasons....that can last me months, and you're never left guessing!
I used to check out whole seasons from our library on DVD, but modern technology is awesome.  I definitely spend less on Netflix than I did in library fines.  Some fun series that are pretty much all available somewhere are:
The West Wing (intellectual)
Mad Men (visually stunning; not a terribly productive season for me)
Dr. Who (this one takes awhile to get into if you are not a sci-fy freak)
Friday Night Lights (I know, football....great characters)
Arrested Development (only 3 seasons, but oh goodness so so funny)
Pushing Daisies (oddly quirky in a good way and the narrator is the same guy who reads the Harry Potter series, so you'll feel right at home)
Desperate Housewives (this one really only makes sense if you start at the very beginning, and remember that it is a rather dark comedy...)

I'm also usually keen to try out the new shows that the net works throw out there.  I'm a bit behind this year, the fall shows are already 2 or 3 episodes in and I'm just now investigating.
So what are you watching?
What are your favorite go-to series?  I'm always looking for new ones.

But I'm most excited for this:

Here's another one.

I really hate the wait til Jan. for the British stuff.  Shirley McClaine!  Did you see her??  And will Edith really find love?  And why is Thomas crying now?  And who was the passionately kissing in the hall?  The Costume Society of America sent out a notice to members asking if anyone would like to participate with their local PBS station in a special cool costume question & answer thing for the premier of next season with their local station and I think I jumped up and down with my lap top screaming ME!  Pick ME!  But no has called me yet.

I also really really like the New Sherlock Holmes.


  1. i already love your blog! so happy to see you are a fan of west wing (my all-time favorite), friday night lights, and arrested development. all great shows! we are your newest followers- come follow along at chaseandem.blogspot.com xo

    1. welcome. You have a cute blog! Don't let the Beagle scare you. His bark is definitely worse than his bite.