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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween Research

Halloween is just around the corner ya'll!  At our house the drop-dead day to decide what you are going to be is Sept. 1.  Sound too early?  Yeah, well, deadlines keep directors and kids from changing their minds after the fact.

Anna has decided she wants to be an "old doll."  Whatever that means.  I tried to convince her that Suffragettes are all the rage and that she owes almost every good aspect of her life to them and even spent a full week quietly singing and humming the Women's Votes song from Mary Poppins...but she is as stubborn as she is freckled.

So we commenced to do a bit of research tonight, because after all she has learned that my interpretation is not necessarily her interpretation (remember when she wanted to be a princess and I made her a Marie Antoinette costume?), so we took to the Google to see if we could pin down an image.

You get a lot, A LOT of interesting images if you google "Antique Dolls."  Try it.

But it seems like antique dolls come in just a few categories, really.

There are really really cool ones.

There are odd, slightly freakish ones.

And then there are the ones, who through no fault of their own are horror film worthy.

And that's not even counting little gems like this one, that some sicko has messed with.  Becha can't wait to start dreaming tonight, can you?

Anyway, she really isn't sure what kind of doll she wants to be, but has already told me she doesn't want to wear a wig.  What kind of child is this?!?  She's killing me.  Seriously.  Maybe I should show her this last doll and change her mind about dolls FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

And although my next thought is only marginally related, it sort of is and after thinking about dolls, this is where my brain went....

So I saw this on the news a bit back.

What do you think?
Also, here is the link to the NBC news story on the craze here in the U.S.

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