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Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Review: Silent on the...

Book Jacket: Classy, historical
Ok, I'm a bit behind with the book reviews.  Rest assured I have NOT given up reading.  It is one of the few things I never give up and in fact probably do more of under duress.

This week I'm going to spotlight a trilogy: The Lady Jane Grey
mysteries by Deanna Raybourn.

Book Jacket: trashy, romance
First off, if you go to get this from your library and it looks like this:
do not be alarmed.  This actually isn't a romance novel, really, so why they thought it necessary to add the titillating cover, I do not know.  The edition I read did not have this cover and when I went to add it to Goodreads I almost didn't because the cover embarrassed me so much.  I guess the publisher was trying to market it to a particular kind of reader??  Anyway, it may not suit you to read it whilst in a public place.  Or maybe you don't care.  Good for you.

Anyway, the three books follow Lady Jane Grey through the better part of the 1880's--or maybe 90's and through three different mysteries that need solving.  She is, of course, rather taken by a character that had to be inspired by Heathcliff, although thankfully, Lady Jane is not in the least a Wuthering Heights female archetype.

The books are rather silly and perfect for a fun summer beach read or perhaps when your brain has had quite enough of the scholarly and needs a bit of a break.  Myself, I am a fan of this type of book.  My brain often needs a rest.

Book Jacket: Historical, humorous
There are some fun if doubtful characters among the missus' clan: a lesbian sister, who apparently is "out" in London society of the time; a maid rescued from prostitution...etc.  I think these characters are supposed to lend charm to what is supposedly a quirky family, and perhaps they do. They are all named after Shakespearean characters.

The author is also rather detailed in her descriptions of dress, which I appreciated, as both a lover of period dress and a very visual thinker/reader.

The books are, in order:
Silent in the Grave
Silent in the Sanctuary
Silent on the Moor

I actually read them completely out of order, not realizing they were part of trilogy because the book jackets were all so different from one another, but my advice to you is to read them as intended.  I think the publishers of this series may have been schizophrenic, or at least drunk.

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