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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Technology Makes Me Happy for the Wrong Reasons

For some reason, Math majors at BYU who want to graduate are being given my office number to sort out all the reasons why they can't graduate.  I don't know who keeps giving them my number, but I feel a little sorry for them.  1: Because I am not a math advisor.  I can't help them.  Not even a little.  2: Because I am seldom in my office (and will be even less since they are kicking me out of it...) so I don't answer their calls.  What this means is that it goes to voicemail and then there is this fancy program that tries to convert the voicemail to email and it emails me a transcription of the call.  I can hardly ever tell what people want, or who they are from these calls.  It is pretty funny.

Here is one I got this week:

Hi my name is John chuckle scored I'm.

Majoring in mathematics and English Texas Highlands apartment and I was calling to hold on my record and it told me to contact nine past noon summer it says something about increasing ask on person and I am sure -- I need having please he has called or sent down foods for some return -- I'll be graduating then after that -- I'm currently -- have Jerusalem center so I'm not -- able to -- can't change it is freezing but I'd if you could email me -- my email is JUSHK some coughing -- key now -- going on that's going on.

Anyway I will email you and I will hopefully to give you a call back.

I actually went back and listened to this one because I was curious what he was really saying.  Let's just say he said very few of the words above.  In fairness to the technology, he was a bit of a mumbler and there was quite a bit of background noise...

Here is one I got yesterday:

Hi this is Brigham aff three and I'm currently in message major and I was just calling to see how I would like to double kinda major thing to do I can pre visual arts disk and I wanted to check that out and they said I had the declared back.  So I could take a look classes my number is.

For awhile I tried to call or email these poor students back to tell them I couldn't help them, but they just couldn't seem to grasp the concept so I stopped.  I hope they figure it out and graduate.  It kinda makes my day though, when I get one of these...and then I fell a little bad that I am getting joy out of the annoyances of others, and then I remember I'm not a kind and generous person and that I help balance out stuff and then I'm OK with it and all is well.

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  1. I think this is glorious. And they are mathematicians, so they should be good enough problem-solvers to figure out that they've got the wrong number.