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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Smell of Summer

Yes, this is our new road.  And yes I took a picture of it.
I wanted to make sure my neighbors really really think
I'm crazy.
I love the smells of summer.  OR I would love the smells of summer, except I came down with a summer cold yesterday...boo.  Anyway, they came and resurfaced our street about a week ago.  It is all shiny and black and new looking.  And it smells wonderful.  I love the smell of new blacktop.  Tar, I guess.  My dad and all his brothers owned a road paving company when I was a kid, so my dad came home smelling like that everyday.  I'm pretty sure it is not on your list of favorite summer smells, but it takes me straight back.
I also love the smell of plastic pool toys.  The kind you blow up.
Also lilacs.
And fresh cut grass.
And food on the grill.
And hose water.

Smells play a wonderful  and powerful role in memory and a good smell can actually make you feel better.  And because smell memory is so powerful, researchers are looking into ways that smell memory can treat things like depression, Alzheimer's and dementia.

So go smell something good today.

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  1. This afternoon I caught a random whiff of something that reminded me of surgery. It was probably a hefty cleanser. It instantly made me dizzy.
    I do love the smell of chlorine from pools, hot wood chips at the playground, and wood smoke from campfires.