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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Noorda Theatre Camp

My kids and I spent the first two weeks of summer at the Noorda Summer Theatre Camp at UVU.....I know what you are thinking..."Why would she let her kids do that, they might end up liking it."   And you're right, except that if they really did take a liking to it and were good at it, how would I stop them even if they hadn't been to a camp?  And talent rarely plays a role...there are all sorts of people who want to go into theatre who have no real knack for it, and yet, there they are.

My poor kids have way more exposure to theatre that a normal kid could-they get drug around with me to a lot of meetings and fittings and rehearsals of shows they have no part in.  But they are excellent audience members and can usually find their way around most theaters without getting lost.

I also teach at the camp these two weeks, so they are, in a sense, just going to work with me.

Anna took the section with makeup class, taught by me.  The kids usually love this class.  They are pretty funny when they realize I am just going to turn them loose.  The program director asked me if I could somehow limit the amount of makeup that they put on their faces--it got itchy for them later.  I asked him incredulously "You want me to stifle their creativity?"  I let them do what they wanted.

The second week in African Adventure, the kids explored African folk tales and got to do a whole section on drumming.  I think this was pretty much her favorite thing ever.

William did his classic backstage props and scenic class, which he has taken every year and loves, but he also ended up in an Aladin in a week class where they put on the musical Aladin---you guessed it--in a week.  It was a crazy crazy class, but he got to be the Sultan and seemed to have fun.
He really liked his hat.

He also did a Shakespeare class and they performed A Midsummer Nights Dream a la in the Park, style.  He said this ended up being his favorite class.  He was Puck.

Anyway, take the risks!  Expose your kids to the arts.  I mean, we don't know how mine will end up yet, but in another 15 years it might be too late for your kids if it ends up being a good thing.

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