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Friday, June 1, 2012

Cub Scouts Beware

Did I tell you I have a new church calling?  Yup, after teaching Relief Society for the past, oh....17 years or so, I have been put IN THE PRIMARY.  They said I could do this or teach a weekly Sunday School Class designed to help people teach better.  Booooring.

So I am now in charge of Activity Days for the 8-9 year old girls in our neighborhood.  That's right, you heard me. I'm actually pretty excited about it.

For those outside of Mormondom, Activity Days is what the church came up with when women starting getting angry about inequality of boys programs vs. girls programs because of the church's "sponsorship" of Cub and Boy Scout troops.   When I asked the primary person responsible for this horrific breach of inappropriateness in church callings (meaning she came up with my name...) what the program consisted of, she gave me a pamphlet.  The 3 pages it talks about (and tiny pages at that) the program leaves it so open, you could pretty much do anything.

I asked her if I could do anything.  She said yes. She then asked me if I wanted a partner, but said I didn't need one, and they didn't have anyone in mind.  I said no thank you.  If there's one thing I've learned about myself and the church is that having a partner for anything doesn't pay.  Like Visiting Teaching.  I have never once in my adult life had my VT partner call me and say "hey, I thought I'd set up appointments this week, when are you free?" and so the burden always falls on me and then I end up all angry and bitter and quite unChristlike.  But I haven't had a VT partner for almost 4 years now, and you know what?  I'm doing just fine.  Because, if I don't do it, it's all on me.  No more anger....and I got rid of guilt years ago.  So no partner.  Just me and 6 little girls.  Anna will turn 8 in December, so these are basically all the kids her age; I know them.

Here is a sample of our summer syllabus *ahem* calendar.  It is awesome.  And yeah, it is on cool fun paper, because I know people are going to put this on their fridge, and I hate ugly stuff displayed prominently.  Plus, I want the girls to look at this calendar and think "THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME" because it is.  And don't get all preachy because I color coded it.  I color code everything--even my excel file for taxes (which, I have learned, annoys the person who does my taxes...silly left brained people).

I think we're going to do a lot of going.  I'm a natural goer, and while the occasional craft is fun and appropriate, going is better.  We are going to go places and see things and learn things and generally be awesome.  We are going to put the cub scouts to shame with our awesomeness.

I will be the Leslie Knope of Activity Days. (Don't know I'm talking about?  Go here. I'm totally considering a puppy party.)  Cub Scouts for the entire tri-state area will be jealous they are not an 8 year old girl.  I may not be the right person to teach them Charity or Humility (good traits to be sure), but I will bestow on them pure AWESOMENESS.  And they will not be jilted for being girls.  I have big plans.  Big plans, I say.

A colleague of mine (I doubt if he reads my blog, so I feel pretty free to talk about him) casually told me that not having a Sunday calling was the first step to inactivity in the church, to which I responded gleefully "I know".   But every 2nd & 4th Tuesday all summer long, if you feel a certain energy in the air and can't identify it....it is us.  Being AWESOME.


  1. Activity Days is AWESOME! I've been in charge a couple of times in the last several years. I do require a partner, though. I am fabulous at coming up with plans and managing the group, but I need someone else to make phone calls and make sure someone comes. I'm incapable of contacting people, but great at managing them if they show up in front of me! Lizzie starts Activity Days in a couple of weeks and is SUPER excited. Alas, we don't have color coded lists, but that's okay with me because I cannot keep track of papers (they're always used for various paper craft projects by the young ones) so I transfer all information onto my computer calendar... which is color coded anyway.