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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Solving World Problems One Dream at a Time

and just for the record, this is NOT me.
My clothes fit.  Plus I am waaaay
too prideful to take a photo of my fat.
I'm a pretty vivid dreamer.  In color, but rarely with a soundtrack.  I get quite a few of my more spectacular ideas whilst asleep.  In truth, I solve world problems....but last night I had an entrepreneurial idea, and I'm totally going to patent this baby.

So here's the world problem: There are few things more tragic and unattractive than ill-fitting clothes.  Particularly clothes that are too small.  Seldom a day goes by when I don't see someone whose pants are too tight and I think, you're just accentuating the fact that your butt is bigger than it was last week.  But who can buy new clothes to fit the expanding of America?  We're in a recession ya'll!  People gots to economize.  But pants that are too small just won't do.


Now here's part two:
So we've got deodorant that knows when to kick in, right?  We've time delayed medications, cars that know not to run over small children and parallel park themselves.   The world is full of non-alive things magically knowing when to do the thing they're supposed to do. Sprinkler systems that knows when it rained.

Now we combine the two......and voila! Pants that know when to get bigger.  They are guilt free, so if you're just having a bloaty day...you are not uncomfortable.  OR if you are in denial that you are part a growing trend of people just begging to die of heart diasease and diabetes--no worries.  These pants will expand up to 5, that's right 5 sizes!  You can gain more than 50 pounds before you have to buy new pants!!  That's almost a year!
And we're not talking spandex or super sized sweat pants here either.  We're talking real pants.  Jeans.  Khakis.  Light-weight summer wool trousers.  In both flat front and pleated.

They also work in reverse, and will go back down with you, but I don't expect that function to be utilized as often by the expanding pants purchasing demographic.


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  1. The expanding pants purchasing demographic. Excellently verbalized, there.