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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Patio Make Over


I think I'd like to title this segment "Things I tried so you don't have to".

A couple of years ago I acquired this patio set as a hand-me-down.  I didn't have a patio table set and we do like to eat outside in nice weather, so I was thrilled.  But the set is probably 15 years old and visibly looked it.  It was that old metal green color and was suffering here and there from rust.

I thought to myself "I can totally paint that!"  So I set about doing it.  Now, you may find yourself thinking "I should do that too!"  Don't do it.  I had to paint the whole thing with a Rust-Primer, and then with a lovely bright red that I found (spray paint) and it took WAAAAAAAy more paint that you would have guessed.  Like 20+ cans between the two.  Maybe more.  I kept thinking it would only take 2 more cans and run to Lowe's about 5 times.  So it also wasn't all that cheap.  About $120 in spray paint.  Now I couldn't have bought a nice new big set for that...but still.  But I do like the results.

I'm looking for an outdoor rug to spruce up my cement patio.
What do you think?

with rust primer

This is what I used.  But that gun handle thing is the real winner

Final product

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  1. Stunning! We still don't have any patio furniture, but someday...
    I too have learned that spray painting metal with a lot of holes in it takes a TON of paint. I painted some little hanging plant basket thingies and it took two or three cans! It does add up fast. At least it looks great!