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Friday, May 25, 2012

Mommy Wars

A couple of weeks ago I was a bit mystified by a Time magazine cover that had a mom breast-feeding her four year old son.  I wasn't mystified by the fact the mom was still breast-feeding, but it amazed me that it made the cover of such a prominent magazine, a fact I thought was meant incite angry judgemental remarks about the mother and her choices and get everybody all riled up against each other.  (What I really noticed was that that woman was way too thin). Of course, I wanted to spout off about it, but I decided not to fan the flames, and also I couldn't put my words together in a clear way.

 I stumbled across this today, and I thought I'd pass it on.  I like this.  I feel like this about so many things.  Do I really care whether or not the Republican hate the Democrats?? No.  Do they fight over stupid stuff??  Yes.  What I want is someone to fix education.  And pitting each other against one another doesn't get it done.  Do I care who is the PTA president next year?? No.  Do I wish our school district served more nutritious lunches? Yes.  Do I care if you feed your kid organic apples, or get them to bed at 8:00 or bathe them more than once a week?  NOT REALLY.  I know you care about your kids, even if you raise yours differently than I raise mine.  Anyone who knows me knows I make my choices because I think they are best for my family, but hey....your kid may already know to use oven mitts to take hot stuff out of the oven, so you might choose to focus on something different.  Good for you.

Anyway.  Here is the awesome blog post.  This is your Friday night bonus.  You're Welcome.
I also like the name of her blog: Rage against the minivan.  Yes.

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