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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Packin' It Up and So Should You

I, in my infinite wisdom decree that every family, in all parts of the land, shall pack up their houses, and children, and food storage, and craft supplies and vast quantities of unused kitchen gadgets.  They shall gather together their goats and their chickens and gerbils and parakeets.  They shall comb through their Christmas ornaments and decorative holiday wreaths and wrapping paper.  They shall sift through the happy meal toys and legos and stuffed animals and bits of folded paper that resemble robots and they shall gather it all together and pack it up and divide it asunder.  And the better half shall they keep unto themselves for the maintenance of their families and all the rest shall be declared CRAP and shall be thrown away or donated or yard saled to hoarders.  And so shall it be done in the land every 5 years.

This is Libby's garage after we all dumped our "valuables"
off in it.  Just looking at this makes me a little
sick to my stomach.
That is how often we should all move.  5 years.  Up until this very year, I had never lived in a house 5 years in all my life, but now that I am nearly there, I am suffocating under all the stuff.  When you move every couple of years (and particularly when those moves take you all the way across the country) you are forced to choose and prioritize and look at that multi-tiered jello mold and say "how many times have I used this in the last year and how often to I anticipate needing it within the next?"

So I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning, and lucky for me, my neighbor holds a big yard sale every year in support of the family support group that is associated with her husband's National Guard Unit.  She spends a couple of month not being able to park in her garage as she takes all our crap and stores it there.  I donated my fare share this year, although probably not nearly enough, since we are not actually moving, and it takes an actual move to motivate people to clear it all out.

Why do we have so much crap anyway?  Why do my kids have so much stuff?  And where did it come from?  Well, I'm sick of it.  We're doing some serious purging around here, and so too should you.  Let it be so.

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