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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: Cotillion


by Georgette Heyer

Another book I read on our vacation, but I am just now getting around to a review.  Also given to me by my friend with questionable reading tastes, which opinion I may have to alter just a bit.  I still think she reads some strange (and by strange, just not stuff I would read) stuff, but apparently, not all strange.

This falls into the other reads for people who like to read Jane Austen and are still mad she died so young and could not provide us with a bit more material to get along with.

Georgette Heyer was a British born writer who ended up sort of specializing is Regency era romance novels.  She starting writing in the 1920's and wrote until her death in 1974, but most of her popular Austen-esque books she wrote in the 1950's.

This particular story revolves around Kitty a very young girl who is the ward of a misery old man who decides to bestow his rather large fortune on her if she will marry one of his nephews.  Kitty has no intention of doing so, but concocts a story where she is engaged to one of them in order to go to London, having not been let out much.  She then gets her little country-bred and unworldly self into all sorts of scrapes.

It is a simple plot, but contains all the things that make it a fun little trip down regency lane.  A ward, a foppish character, a wealthy but despicable relation, an unmarried preacher, a loud female character who clearly doesn't understand social mores, a fortune, titles, balls, a season in town, and lots of new gowns. What isn't to like?

And apparently there are tons more of these!  Yay!

It must be noted, however, that my favorite part of the book is a review on the back that reads "A literary bubble bath...Take a delightful and frothy dip among the gayer aspects of the author's favorite and well worked regency period."  Sunday Tribune.

I couldn't have said it better myself.


  1. Harumph. Only just a bit? The reason I can find good books for you is that I can find good books for everyone. Because of my wide and varied reading tastes.

    1. I'm just wondering why you've waited 20 years to provide books you know I will like...