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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review: The Book of Lost Things

The Book of Lost Things
By John Connolly

This book starts out very simple with a boy whose mother dies and WWI on the verge.  I thought to myself, this seems like a book my 11 year old would like.  Then he ends up in this fantasy world that it kind of seems like he created, and that’s when things start to get dark.  By the end, it is so dark, this book is rendered inappropriate for my son for years to come.

But it is pretty good for adults.  Mr. Connolly sets up a world that is easily recognizable and for that reason I think is, at first glance, easy to dismiss as “children’s literature.”  As a reader, I underestimated Mr. Connolly’s story telling power.

Everything in the book is something that pretty much any child would relate to, and that’s what the story revolves primarily around: the boy, and the world he “creates” with his own fears and stories he has read.  I’ve done this.  I’ve read something, and it has struck me somehow and then my mind twists it into something new and rather terrifying.  Something that strikes at the heart of my own personal fears.

It is a quick, easy read, but do not dismiss this book…it may harbor your darkest secrets and fears.

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