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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scouting: The end of the worst?

Well....we made it.  William received his Arrow of Light Award this past week.  Well....WE received the Arrow of Light last week.  Because anyone who has ever had to deal with a cub scout knows that it is mostly up to a parent, in this case me and me alone, who had been the catalyst for cub scout completion.
As I have made well known, I have not been a big fan of scouting thus far.  Our experience with Webelos was enough of a failure to leave the church, but we made it through.  Even the "ceremony" for William was a big fail.  Despite the fact that I gave them a complete list of all the things William had completed since last September (the last time the leaders had awarded anything) they did not get the list on time to the master cub scout guy to purchase the pins.  So they didn't have anything to give him--and there were at least 8.  And they didn't give the right list the cub scout master guy, so I had to go and correct the list with him later.
 But now, all of that wonderful incompetency is behind us and we are apparently on our way into the second phase of scouting: The Boy Scouts.  Now being a scouting idiot, I did not know they were two separate programs, but they are, and I guess this is the part when it gets good.
And, honestly, we ARE off to a good start.  The new scout leader contacted me weeks ago and gave me this really really thorough packet that even had a list of the exact things I would need to purchase at the scout store and a picture of where the patches and things go (yeah, it was $30 for a really crappy polyester shirt that was made in China), but also the names of the new leaders and their phone numbers and a calendar for the entire summer.  So far, only a week into this new regime, I love them.  I would probably thrive in a totalitarian state.  I might even be willing to let my precious son go on their stupid campouts with them.  Maybe.  We'll see.

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