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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mexico Recap

Did I mention we went to Mexico for spring break?  We did  and it was awesome.  It was nice to get away and be near the sun (not IN it...that is for pagans)...but near it.

We stayed in a condo in Tulum, which is about an hour or so south of Cancun.  Past all the big mega-resorts.  I hear the resorts are nice, but since we wanted to do lots of different things and all-inclusive resorts also include a lot of alcohol that we wouldn't be drinking, it is much cheaper NOT to go to one.
Tulum is nice.  It has one main road that goes straight through the middle of the town lined with shops and restaurants.  There were a lot of "free spirits" there and on more than one occasion we caught a whiff of pot.  The people were very friendly, it was clean and on EVERY street corner there is a cop.  Or two.  They also patrolled up and down the main avenue in trucks carrying big guns.  I think this was mostly a show of force for the tourists.  WE WILL KEEP YOU SAFE.  And never at any time did I think we weren't.
The beaches in Tulum are made up of the finest whitest sand.  It was soft.  The water was so brilliantly blue.  Most of the tourist there were European; we saw few Americans, which made the beach much more interesting, since Europeans considered bathing suit tops optional.  They also smoked with reckless abandon.  AND I'm not sure any of them had sunscreen.  Our poor family was usually garbed head to toe in sun proof shorts and rash guards, and practically white with a thick layer of sunscreen, while any other child out there was as brown as brown gets in their panties or speedos.
The condo we rented was spacious (3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, kitchen, laundry...) with a big pool, so after spending all day at the beach the kids could swim in the pool (which they DID).  The best part about our condo is that it was rented to us by Lucy Ricardo.
Because of the kitchen we were able to prepare several meals and pack lunches and keep milk and yogurt and everything else we needed, cutting food costs.  We ate out about 1 meal a day, and Tulum had all sorts of restaurants, including several pizza and Italian ones to cater to all those Europeans.
Tulum is the home of the only seaside Mayan ruins, which are beautiful.  We also went to Chichen Itza (another hour drive), but I thought the ruins at Tulum the better of the two.
One of the rare times he was allowed out
without a rash guard...

We really loved the little town to the north of us, Akumal, which if we went again, is where we would stay.  They had a really lovely Eco-park inlet with wonderful snorkeling and the beaches there were pretty great too.  We also snorkeled in the open ocean, which I was NOT sure I was going to like, but I loved it!  Once you stick your face in the water it really is quite magical.  Anna was a trooper. She went everywhere we went and kept up.  It was in the ocean at Akumal that  we swam with turtles.  Awesome.  You could even touch them.  The kids also claimed to have seen a ray and a barracuda, but happily, I saw neither of those.  Turtles and bright fishies were more than enough.
We had a great time, and I would be happy to impart any valuable info I could to you if you want to go.  In fact, I think I want to be a travel blogger.  One that people pay to come and visit their beautiful area and then tell people how to do it with children.  I think it is a lifestyle I could embrace.

I do not understand the joy of being hit by
waves, but apparently, it is wonderful

At Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Tulum Ruins

You can see some of the Tulum ruins in the background
set against the sea.  It really was a beautiful place to build

Iguanas everywhere.  We have more pictures of these than anything

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