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Thursday, April 19, 2012

It Was Not About the Titanic

dress with friends
I feel like I somehow missed the boat (sorry, couldn't be helped) not blogging about the Titanic this week.  I mean, we've been waiting for this day every since we remembered it was almost one hundred years while watching the very first episode of Downtown Abbey.  Plus I'm all into costumes and history and stuff.
AND, the nineteen-teens are one of my favorite time periods for fashion ever.  And that was pretty evident in 1996 when I got married.  I constructed a 1912 dress (more-or-less) for the big day.  I loved my wedding dress.
The blue day dress.  My people were
sewing the buttons on this thing
the morning of
I met up with a friend last week who helped me work on my dresses (I had two--a lovely blue day dress and the actual wedding dress...you know, cause one isn't enough) who reminded how lovely my dresses were and we reminisced about how thin I was back then.  Because I was really really thin.  I'd always been thin, but I had spent the summer in London doing Study Abroad and was on a really really tight budget that kept me from eating much, so I was even thinner than usual.  I did not have an eating disorder, unless you count being to poor to eat as a disorder. The saddest part about this is that no one will ever be able to wear that dress  because it is ridiculously small.  This made my friend and I sad, but we got over it eating some cheesecake.

back of dress.

BUT, my dress came before the movie; it was not about the Titanic. But I will post pictures of my ridiculously thin self in lovely dresses in honor of the sunken boat and all the beautiful dresses it had on it.


  1. I still don't know which dress I like better, the blue or the white. Hard decisions, these.

  2. Oooh, I love it!!! I think my wedding dress would fit on one leg now. 25" waist? HAH!