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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Deeper Questions of the Universe: PG13 for the under 13 crowd

William's birthday is next week.  He turns 11 and in recent months I've begun to notice a decided shift into "pre-teen" behavior.  First, he asked me to stop laying out his clothes for each day.  I've done this since his birth and I do it mainly to save time and also because he never cared.  I have gladly given up this post, but it should be noted that he does not yet have the ability to choose pants without holey knees or shirts that are not stained beyond recognition.
Second he cares about his hair.  This cracks me up.  He spends several minutes (I know, in mom world, minutes on hair is a joke...) combing it just so.  And then he asks me to hairspray it for him.  I do ALL of this without so much as a smirk or comment.  This deserves an award.
Third, he has developed a jaunty swagger, which on his 5 foot 70 lb. frame is rather comical.  He's like a jazzy stick figure.
Apparently, he is too big and too cool for a birthday party.  My kids get a friend party every-other year and Anna spends a good part of that total 2 year period planning hers. But William just didn't care.  OR, my suspicion is that he didn't want to have a party that wouldn't be up to par with his new found coolness.
I offered to take him and handful of friends to the movies to celebrate and he jumped at that.  Movies with friends sounds like something high-school kids do, so it ranks as cool.
But there isn't much out and here's the movie he picked: Hunger Games.  I read the books, and loved them and am really looking forward to it myself, but it is really really violent.  And for the most part, I'm pretty careful about how much and when my kids get exposed to stuff.  I'm pretty firm on my "age appropriate" stance.  And I'm not sure it is....
What do you think?  It is PG13 for violence.  Should I take a group of 11 year old boys to see it?  Will their parents even let them?  Will I then be branded "that mom" who doesn't give a flip about her growing children's tender psyche?  If I take him will I actually do harm? And how much popcorn will 6 boys eat??


  1. IMO: it really depends on the kids. I'd sound out the parents of the boys and see if they're game. My girls recently sat and watched Thor which is also PG-13 for violence. The biggest difference between Thor / Fantastic Four / Iron Man and Hunger Games is that the superhero type movies are clearly not real. Meaning that they have "abilities" that are easy to set aside as made up. Hunger Games could be more disturbing to children because the main characters are teens without special abilities. It could be more disturbing as it may seem too realistic. Does that make sense? I enjoyed the books also, but I personally wouldn't give them to my girls to read for several more years at least because of the realism and political complexities that make the book more than a bloody tale of kids killing kids as entertainment (which, if you've really read the books, it is not!)

  2. I wouldn't take them. I loved the books and enjoyed the movie, but it was rather intense. I also wouldn't let my 11 year old go (if I had an 11 year old...) so then you'd have disappointed kids all around. It stinks to be invited to a birthday party that you can't attend.