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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conversations Among Boys

William turns 11 today.  My baby boy.  Who probably wishes I would stop calling him baby boy.  It is not going to happen.  We celebrated with his friends last night.  If you remember my previous dilemma, you'll recall he wanted to go see The Hunger Games.  After checking with all the moms, no one had a problem with it.  So I took them.
We ate pizza and by request had donuts from Krispy Kreme, where I stole hats for all them, which they wore all night despite the fact that we had a hard time coming up with party ideas because they are all so cool now.
My favorite part of the night (aside from sitting alone in the movie theatre cradling my popcorn I didn't have to share with anyone oh so gently...) was the conversation that ran amok in my car.  We ended up with +5 guests...so 6 boys ranging in age from 10-12.

Wm: I really do prefer a hardback book to paperback.

Friend #1: I do too.  They are more collectable that way.

F#2: But paperbacks are easier to carry, and less expensive.

F#1: But paperbacks get beat up, and I think they are harder to hold while you are reading.

I'm going to stop right there, because I want to remind you that these are basically 11 year old BOYS.  And ohmygosh could they get any nerdier?? I just keep picturing them sitting in leather chairs around a fire, wearing turtlenecks and goatees and sipping some sort of expensive liquor.

At some point, the talk took an abrupt turn (I did not follow the flow very well...) to which of them would survive longest if forced to fight one another to the death (aka Hunger Games).

F#2: I'd win, I'm the biggest.

F#3: Well....I am pretty handy with a sword (this is said somewhat modestly despite what it sounds like).

Wm: That's true.  I've seen him.

F#4: I think I could beat William up.

Wm: But I'll have knives.  I don't think you could beat me up if I had knives.  I would wield them at you. (Waves his deadly ready-to-wield-knife hands in the air wildly)

F#1: Knives do change the game. (nodding solemnly)

F#2: I'd hide in the trees and wait it out.

Wm: I couldn't hide, I'd starve.

F#4: Dude, you'd be the first one dead.

Wm: I'd run.  I'm fast.

All of them nod in agreement murmuring something about running away.

Then the conversation switched up so many times I couldn't keep up anymore.  They are so cute and so nerdy.  I have some interesting years ahead of me...

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait for my boys to have their own little nerdy birthday parties...