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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Review: Austenland


I wanted to love this book.  I like Shannon Hale and I typically love all things Austen.  I LOVE the idea of getting to go to 1816 and being immersed in everything.  It sounds terribly fun.
But I may have done myself a damage by reading the Midnight in Austenland first, or maybe my expectations were too high.
The book wasn't bad, it was enjoyable, but it didn't satiate and in the end it didn't do what it seemed like it was going to set out to do.

*spoiler alert*

So Jane, the main character is obsessed with Mr. Darcy (who isn't?) and it is ruining all real relationships for her.  Her batty old great aunt leaves her this vacation in her will and she goes and really seems to have a hard time getting into it, but finally seems to be getting a grip on her unrealistic expectations of men, when low and behold *here is the spoiler* she ends up with him anyway!!  Maybe I am just so unromantic as to now have to put this book into an entirely different category of fiction: fairytale.
And I don't see why we can't have a little Darcy fantasy in our lives anyway.  The rest of us KNOW he isn't going to show up....

But there is a movie being made.  Keri Russell plays Jane with (here's the best part!!) Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Charming!  That will make it worth watching.  And Jerusha Hess wrote the screenplay and directed it, which is kind of Awesome (with a capital A) because she is a BYU grad and lives right here in the valley.  Good for her.

*Here is my review on Midnight in Austenland if you are interested...which also has a pictorial Mr. Darcy comparison at the end that you might find enlightening.  Or horrifying.  Or depressing.

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