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I'm a costume designer, makeup artist, teacher, mom, sewer, knitter, baker, want-to-learn-how-to-do-it-all, blogging, Costumed Beagle enthusiast. I am not always pleasant, although through intensive cupcake therapy I have learned not to throw knives at people anymore.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Happy Monday Everyone!!

Huck is fruity
(sorry about that...I'm in technical rehearsal for a show so I've started caffeinating early and long...)

In addition to the usual Huck Monday Madness, we have additional Huck news to present!

First I want you to know I read all my reader comments (there have been at least 3).  I usually reply too, but you won't know that, because blogger doesn't inform you that I commented on your comment.
I ALSO take them to heart.  And one of you suggested that Huck start his own blog where he offers advice.  Well, I am too lazy to take care of two blogs (unless Huck is willing to pay me to do it...), so I am just going to give Huck his own ADVICE COLUMN.  You can email him all your pressing life questions, ask for recipes, parenting advice--WHATEVER is on your mind, and I will read them to Huck.  Every Monday (FINALLY MONDAYS HAVE A PURPOSE) Huck will respond and comment.

I really don't know what he'll say.

To ask Huck your important questions email him at HucksAdvice@gmail.com


  1. Does he offer human and canine advice? I'm sure my dog has some questions for him.

    1. Oh yes. He believes he has something to offer everyone and everything...

  2. And by the way - I'm very excited about this. I'm adding his email to my contact list right now.