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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Won't Anyone Stop Me??

A Moment of Insanity Last May

So Yesterday I found myself in the possession of a crate of cucumbers (I'd had them since Saturday, but I had put them in the garage and they only became real to me yesterday when I tripped over them). Yes, a crate. And it was around noon that I realized that the crate of cucumbers probably had a very limited life and that something must be done with them. Now I am aware that a crate of cucumbers does not usually fall into someone’s lap, therefore, some reason must exist for something as cumbersome (!hah!) as a 36 pound crate of cucumbers.
I vaguely remember checking a little box last Monday on my Bountiful Baskets order that had something to do with produce, but then, that is what BB is for. Really they should have better checks and balances on those sites. A person cannot be expected to have reason within her grasp for an order 5 days out with perishable goods that she will need to deal with so far in the future as next week. A little window should pop up and ask “So….what are you planning to do with a crate of cucumbers? Do you really think you’ll have time for them?” thereby causing the person (me) to further think this through.
Which brings me to my moment of realization today as I found myself surrounded by a half dozen very large bowls of sliced, chilled, salted pre-pickles. I have no life filter. A life filter is the person of sanity who stops you before things get carried away. They are the person who will indulge your whims but reel you back in before you do serious damage to your world.
I think there are those out there who function well without this resource, but sadly, I am not one of them. I have too many ideas, too many ambitions, seek too many ways to overfill each and every day. I love a good project. I love a dozen good projects. The term “Bee in My Bonnet” is an apt descriptor for my personality. I constantly have a bee in my bonnet. A life filter, would help me focus my bees and perhaps coax me to let a few of them go. However, if I had a life filter, they may not get to enjoy the 24 quarts of Bread & Butter pickles I managed to put up.

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