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I'm a costume designer, makeup artist, teacher, mom, sewer, knitter, baker, want-to-learn-how-to-do-it-all, blogging, Costumed Beagle enthusiast. I am not always pleasant, although through intensive cupcake therapy I have learned not to throw knives at people anymore.

Friday, March 9, 2012

John Carter

So I'm a little excited about John Carter coming out today.

It is about a Civil War veteran who gets transported to Mars where he has to battle huge barbarians and their crazy pets...or something like that.

But that is not why I'm excited.

I'm excited because the movie is almost exclusively featuring Taylor Kitsch, who won my heart with his bad-boy ways in Friday Night Lights, which sadly, is no longer on TV but which you can watch ALL FIVE SEASONS of on Netflix.

I'm actually not one to fawn over Hollywood guys in general, my type usually falling into the nerdy, non-athletic, intellectual realm...*cough*I love you Ira Glass*cough*, but for some reason this guy is just so darn cute, even with all those muscles and abs all over the place.

We all have weaknesses...

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