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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Pack

Packing is serious business.  You have to load up your whole family for however many days and hope you don't forget one thing that they can't live without or might need during that time.  All of this stuff normally resides throughout our whole house.
But I'm pretty good at it, so I'm going to break it down for you.

1. The Coke (or poison of choice).
Right now, at least 1/2 my readers (yeah, you three know who you are) are saying, "but I don't drink Coke/soda/caffeine"...
Listen to me.  If you want to do this right you have to follow the recipe.
I have learned by hard won trial and error and I'm telling you, you have to start with a Coke.

2. The List
I usually start on this a week or so in advance.  As you can see I color code a chart and break it down into categories.  I save these and have cold weather/hot weather/camping etc. ones that I just update.
You too can be this cool one day.

3. The Gathering.
I give everyone their portion of the list and a laundry basket and have them gather  and basically throw it all into one big pile in my room.  It looks terrible, but is essential...and this part can take several days as people have to search for stuff and wait for laundry.  This is the first time I have given Anna her list, and if there had ever been doubt that she was my child, the pure rapture with which she attacked the list and the happiness checking things off the list gave her, was proof that she is 100% mine.

4. The Downtime.
Which is what vacations are supposed to be for, right?  So I have chosen reading and knitting.  I spent way too long going through patterns and yarns trying to decide which were the best projects to take and then consolidating needles and such...nerdiness at its core.

5. The Books
Depending on whether you are a library gal, a borrowing gal or a buying gal, you may have to do this part more in advance.  I typically borrow and borrow.  I somehow requested Beyonder's for my son a couple of months ago before it came out (new book by Fable Haven author) and it came this week--I think we are the first ones to get it.  He was pretty excited.  I also put a call out to my Facebook buddies and Megan gave me all sorts of lovely paperbacks that are perfect for a vacation read.  I am also a sucker for travel books, so I hit the library for those too.  This little pile makes me so happy.

6. The Sort
This is when I take everyone's stuff and sort it into piles and fold it all neatly and check it off the lists as it goes into the suitcases.  And then go hunt for the missing stuff and pull out ALL the extra stuff.  This looks better, right?

7. The Snacks
If you're traveling with kids or ME you have to have snacks.  Especially since airport food is usually super expensive and not always kid friendly--or fast food.  I take liberties with the snacks and usually get them the ones they love, but I don't usually buy.  So here we have fruit snacks and pringles.  I will be very popular with The Citizens over these choices.

8. The Pack
There is it...you didn't think it would fit did you?

9.  The Hand-Off
This is where we send Huck off the the doggie-sitter for his own little vacation.  To a high school boy who would never ever consider dressing him up.  He is looking forward to this as much as we are.

10.  The Load
We have to leave the house at 5:00 am. tomorrow morning, so I load up the car the night before.  I'm not sure why this matters, because I will not sleep much, as my brain will be going over The List 14,000 times JUST IN CASE.  You cannot calm the brain down....which, I guess, is what the vacation is for.

Some of you are just now realizing "WAIT!  She's leaving?  Going on Vacation?  But what about us?? Who will care for us?  She's got us in the habit of reading this stupid blog and now she's going to GO ON VACATION?"

Calm down.  I have planned a number of posts just for you.  Some are new, some are some favorites from last year--off the old blog.  You'll be fine.  I would never do that to you.  And just think...I'll have all sorts of things to tell you when I get back.

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  1. In no way can you possibly have remembered everything. You can still see out the back window.