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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Girl Scouts are Sabotaging My Life.

It's that time of year again.  Girl Scout Cookie Time.  A time I both love and dread.

This year, I had a plan...I was going to avoid Walmart (not hard) and Harmon's (trickier but not impossible) after 2:00 pm and on weekends.  Go to Target--they don't let people set up booths.
We don't have any girl scouts in our neighborhood, so I was off the hook there.
I don't work with anyone who has a girl scout, bonus.  But then I had to go to Lowe's today, which did not register as Girl Scout territory and there they were.  And I caved.  I felt pretty good, though.  Only 3 boxes.  I actually didn't know you could buy them in individual boxes instead of by the crate...

I really only like 2 kinds of girl scout cookies.  The Samoas and the Thin Mints.
But there are so many cons to buying cookies....

1. They cost a small fortune.  Last year I think I blew an entire week's groceries on GSCs.  While I'm sure some of this goes into helping girls, I doubt much of it does.
2. They are laced with third world country drugs that keep you craving and eating them well beyond your capacity to hold and more importantly enjoy the cookies.
3. Are they really that good??  I mean really??
4. Have you looked at the calories contained in ONE Samoa??  And I can down a whole box in one sitting...

Last year I even attempted to cajole Anna into joining Girl Scouts in an attempt to get some priority cookie status and make me popular with my friends and neighbors.  NOT because I thought it would help her self-esteem or teach her valuable life skills or help her make life-long friendships based on honesty and marketing skills.  We went to an information meeting for new members and although Anna sort of enjoyed herself, as we were leaving, she wisely (oh that one is intuitive, she is...) stated "Mom, that was kinda creepy."  That was the end of her Girl Scout career.

So, as if my body KNEW that GSC season was upon us, I started craving them a couple of weeks ago, before my brain even registered that it was that time of year.  Apparently they are also laced with time-sensitive drugs too...

*pause*  I just googled Girls Scout Cookie Conspiracy--and ummm, there were a surprising number of hits.  I will continue this thought later, after I have enjoyed this box of Samoas...

Anyway, I got to thinking, once my brain kicked in, that I'm a pretty good baker, and I've seen quite a few copy-cat versions of girl scout cookies on Pinterest, so why the big deal to rush out and buy these ridiculously over-priced cookies once a year?

So that is my new quest.  I'm going to try out these recipes.  I will sample them among the populace and get unbiased opinions (that probably just means my kids and co-workers, but if you do work with me, you  should probably seek out my company in the next couple of weeks...).

Can I make the ultimate Girl Scout Cookie at Home?

I do love a quest.

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