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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Conversations with a Boy

While riding in the car this afternoon:

Wm: So Republicans are all about guns, right?

Me: Well...(knowing this could go horribly wrong, but also a little tickled at how he as interpreted different political conversations)...the right to bear arms is a very important concept to a lot of people, but Republicans do seem to talk about it more.

Wm:  And Democrats care about poor people, right?  While Republicans want to be rich?

Me: (smirking just a wee bit) Yeah, that's about right. (The best part about having kids is getting to feed them your personal agenda on just about everything...food, politics, religion...)


Wm: Today is Super Tuesday, right?

Me: Yup

Wm: If Mitt Romney wins will you vote for him or Obama?

Me: I don't know yet; I like to keep an open mind.  (This is not true, but I feel I must try to level out my bias just a teensy bit)

Wm: But Romney is Mormon, right?

Me: Yup

Wm: A lot of the kids at school are going to vote for him because he's Mormon.

Me: Well, that's not exactly the best reason to vote for somebody.  You can be an excellent Mormon but not really make a good president.

Wm: hm.


Wm: You sure see a lot of Mitt Romney on TV.  And not very much about the other guy-the Sanatorium.

Me: (Sanatorium? visible smirk now) True.  Mitt Romney has a lot of money.

Wm: Wait?? He's rich?? (This is totally shattering his world view)

Me: Yes.  He personally has millions of dollars, but also a lot of people who want him to be the Republican nominee have given him a lot of money so he can run ads and stuff.

Wm: He's a REPUBLICAN??? (ummm, my kids might think this a naughty word)

Me: Yeah, they're all Republicans.  They are trying to decide which one will run against Obama, who is a Democrat.

Wm: Is he into guns?

Me: You know, guns haven't seemed to be as big a deal this time around...

Luckily, one of our favorite musical Cd's started to play, so we started singing and ended all political discussion.

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  1. I love this conversation. The gun part is my favorite, especially because my very Republican, very conservative brother carries a gun at all times. I seem to lean more and more to the left, myself.