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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things I Love Pt. 3: Lazy Sunday Mornings

I love a good lazy Sunday morning.  This doesn't always happen; it is mostly dependent on our church schedule.  Right now we have church at 1:00, which is my least favorite church time, but wonderful for slow lazy Sunday mornings.

Everyone sleeps in, and then if the mood strikes, I might cook a lovely breakfast.  The citizens are fond of pancakes or waffles and any kind of processed breakfast pig meat.  This morning it was biscuits with loads of jam (if you're Anna) or sausage sandwich style (if you're William).

Personally, I don't have a preference, not being a breakfast sort of person myself (although I will say that blackberry jam I put up last summer does perk one up when facing the daunting prospect of 3 hours of church...).

I like fresh juice, myself.  I'm not a coffee drinker (I just don't get it...it tastes burnt), hot cocoa is not an everyday drink, and herbal teas are medicinal.  But fresh orange juice...oh, it is a gift from the gods.

 A few years ago I found this little nugget of sunshine in the basement of my MIL and took it.  It belongs to the category of Under-Appreciated-Small-Appliances-of-the-70's.  I love it.  It is not fancy, or shiny, but let me tell you, if you see one of these at the D.I., you should snag it.  It is awesome.  And it only does citrus not any of those fancy-smancy avocado and carrot type juices.

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