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Friday, February 24, 2012

Things I Love Part 9: Libraries

I love books.  And I love places where books are kept.  I love our library.  I love all libraries because they are places where you can go and get book for FREE, but I especially love our little Murray Library.  We know most of the librarians by name and most know us, if not by name, then our faces for sure.  So much so, that if I go in and tell my favorite librarians that I would like a certain book (a new fancy book on home canning?) they order it and I get to be the very first person to check it out.  Or if there is a TV series they don't have (The West Wing!!) it was only a couple of weeks before I got an email notice saying it was in and waiting for me.

I love, when I get my property tax statement at the end of the year and it line items out how much went to our public library (it is something like $57), I love knowing that I used every single penny of it.  And probably all my neighbor's allocated taxes too.

I love that if I want a book or CD or DVD or WHATEVER, I can go online and request it and then someone pulls it for me and I just have to go into the shelf and there they all are all lined up waiting for me.

My kids just like to go there.  For FUN.  They like to sit and read in the library.  They like to wander up and down the aisles.  We very often (all too often quite frankly) have in excess of 50 books out at a time...I usually ask them not to print off our check-out list because I feel bad about the waste of paper. And just recently, since my new knitting phase set in, I realized that there is a whole SECTION in the library dedicated to my new obsession with such pretty photography and such cute patterns and I can take them home and try them out without breaking the bank.

We load up before all our big road trips...Yellowstone National Park?  We were well schooled in the geothermal nature of the park, where to go, what animals to see and what artists had been there before we ever even set foot in it.  Before there was the internet, there were books.

I love the smell of books.  I love the feel of books.  I could never quit books.  All the fancy gadetry in the world will never ever keep me from going to my library and checking out the books.

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  1. We love our city library. It just opened a few months ago and is GORGEOUS!!! In fact, the girls are trying to finish all their chores asap so we can go there again tomorrow. I especially like checking out audiobooks to play while I'm doing work around the house.