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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I Love part 8: Those Mountains

I love the mountains.  I get that there are other really awesome places in the world, like beaches (I'm not knocking beaches), but I just don't love the sun and sand and the constant fear that a random shark is going to jump up and eat your child.
Mountains aren't completely devoid of scariness, especially when you strap sticks onto your feet and go careening down them at break-neck speeds.  But you don't have to do that to enjoy them.
They also have their predators, but mountain lions and bears are slightly more predictable that anything that lurks in the ocean.  Just don't go hiking after spilling ham juice on yourself or your child.  Bears and mountain lions love little children basted in ham juice.

What is not to love about mountains?
I like them when they are covered in snow.
I like them when they are socked in with clouds.
I like them in the summer for hiking and wild flowers.
I like them in the fall with the leaves and crisp air.
(I am going to stop now, because I am not a poet, nor Dr. Seuss...but express my sentiments I must!)

I  missed them so much when I lived in no-mountain lands (Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina....).  They are comforting to me.  If you didn't grow up with them, they are probably not the thing you miss.  People would say "We've got mountains!"  and then I would drive the 2 hours to get to the "mountain" and discover that their heap of dirt was about as big as Stahelie's hill  (you Washington kids know exactly which hill I'm talking about...).  And was most definitely NOT a mountain.

A mountain should take you all day long and some moleskin OR a lift to get up.  A mountain takes your breath away, not just because of its sheer beauty but because you are really high up and there's not a lot of air up there.

They also help me navigate-which is no small task but extremely practical, to be sure.

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