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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank A Mailman Day!

Did you know today was Thank a Mailman Day?  Nor did I, but I do like the idea of thanking the people in our lives who go about doing their thing quietly...so quietly we almost forget they are there.  I know the post office isn't a perfect thing, but our mailman is nice.  He will bring small packages to the door and wait for you to answer it before trying to tuck it in between the screen door and the front door so as to not draw attention to itself and to protect it from the elements.
We always leave a small treat gift for our Mail guy at Christmas, and this year he sent us a card back with a note inside telling us how nice it was to be thanked and appreciated.  It made me wonder about all the other people that do things for us (even if it is their job) who we would be lost without (like the poor librarian that has to pull all my requested books for me, because I NEVER go and find my own books...).
So I think I may start a post section where I give you a heads up to strange and unusual holidays wherein we can remember to thank people.
Because everyone likes to be appreciated and saying Thank You is really very easy.

As a side note it is also National Stuffed Mushroom Day and Homemade Soup Day....I like both.
On the even more bizarre side it is Create a vacuum day...I did not make this up.

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