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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Not since Groundhog Day has a holiday been so eagerly looked forward to.  Perhaps it is because Anna has a kid in her class that is turning 2 tomorrow, or perhaps it is because this is the first Leap Day in their collective memory, but it is a big deal, I can tell you.  Big as in they want to know what special foods we are going to eat tomorrow.  I have no idea what kind of foods you should eat on Leap Day, but I need to choose carefully, because from here on out they will expect this same food as part of our family "tradition."  I made that mistake with green pancakes for St. Patty's a few years back, and now I am stuck with it.

I went-a-looking for leap year traditions, but sadly most of them revolve around women proposing marriage to men.  (And WHY on earth would I do that? I'd rather have an elaborate breakfast tradition...)
But I did like the way the Finnish did it--if the man refused the offer of marriage he had to buy her fabric for a skirt.  Awesome.  I guess new clothes made the rejection easier to deal with?

I don't know if you all are 30 Rock fans, but they had a super funny episode about Leap Year last week.  If you work with a lot of people who watch the show, you may want to make sure you wear blue and yellow tomorrow...
You can still catch it on Hulu.

Happy Leap Year!

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