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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breaking News: Phil & 6 More Weeks of Winter

For some odd reason, Ground Hog Day has been a much anticipated and discussed topic for the past two weeks.  I have to think that they must be doing some unit in the second grade that the teacher is tying into all her lesson plans.
Anna has been unreasonably excited to know what the ground hog will see and then to experience the resulting scientific weather result.  Her excitement has only been heightened by a birthday party THAT JUST HAPPENS to fall on the same day (MOM! Do you think she KNEW it was a HOLIDAY when she planned her party??).
So this morning, I got the citizens up and turned on the news, because wouldn't you make the biggest six week weather prediction of the year by a rodent a headliner?  No.  My kids got to hear about Nevada's upcoming presidential crap, and a ferry boat that sunk and how a whole bunch of people at a soccer game in Egypt trampled and beat each other to death after a match...awesome.
Then they showed a 5 second clip of a guy in a top hat dancing and ground hog day was over.  Thank you national news.
So...lest my kids be scarred forever I pulled up a clip online and we watched Phil (That's the groundhog's name) be pulled from his little cage by another top hatted guy and waved around to the gathered crowd in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania where they pronounced that he did indeed see shadows and that there would be six more weeks of winter.
At which point Anna giggled with glee and then said something about ground hogs in spanish.  It was a very excited 6 minutes this morning...


  1. Punxsutawney Phil has been a constant source of discussion in our home as well over the past few weeks...unfortunately, our favorite little prognosticator has only been correct in his predictions 39% of the time.

  2. Must be popular for the younins'. I think most people around here would be glad if Phil were wrong most of the time...he usually says it is going to be 6 more weeks of winter. We haven't had much of a winter yet, so I'm not ready to hang it up...I haven't even been up skiing at all.