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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anna's First Cavity

The kids got my teeth.  There are lots of things, genetically speaking, that I passed onto them that I wished I had been able to stop, but teeth of steel wasn't one of them.
This was a good choice for evolution to take, because the other side of that gene pool has teeth made of clay.  They literally crumble when biting into soft warm bread.
Not my chompers.  Despite rather so-so dental hygiene in my family and NO dentists visits ever (we never had dental insurance) I did not get my first cavity until I was 21.  Because of this there is a distinct lack of silver in my mouth, since in the last 20 years they mainly fill things with the tooth like stuff.

My baby was high....
When I was in elementary school, they would pack us up and take us down Telegraph Street, The only main street in Washington, to THE dentist in town, and he would check the whole school.  In one day.  It was a basic exam and was VERY exciting, especially for those of us who did not go to dentists.  We would also get those little fizzy pink pills that you chewed on and it turned your teeth pink where you didn't brush very well.  My teeth were usually pink for days.  

Anyway, the kids had their bi-annual check up last week and Boo, Anna had her first cavity.  She cried.  I think her dentist wanted to cry.  We were the longest running family without cavities in his practice.  It was on a baby tooth, but one that won't be coming out within the next year, so she had to have it filled.  She was a trooper.  No fuss, no fighting, no worry.  Of course they gave her laughing gas and she was pretty high "mom my legs are floating" and they have videos playing on the ceiling, which for my media driven urchins probably would keep them happy through a whole mouth full of cavities without any laughing gas.
Luckily, this was Anna with the cavity.  Had it been William, he would just shrug and continue on not really caring, but Anna...well she's stepped up her game.  She's asking me to time her brushing to make sure she does it long enough and is allowing me to help her with her flossing.

I'll be surprised if she ever sees another cavity again in her life.

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