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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Water off a duck's back

Today began as one of those days....you know, where things go wrong and you want to curse the universe for hating you in particular?
But I exaggerate.  While I have real problems, like everyone else in this same universe, those are not usually the things that tip the boat.  They are not the things that bring me to my knees crying inane insults into the brightly lit sky shaking my weak fists of anger.  It is the little things.  The daily grind.  The missteps and tiny annoying bits that get my goat.  Usually they are "problems" of my own making.  I forget something, or do something, or DON'T do something that lead to these annoyances.

This is not from today...today this same mountain
was mostly a pile of dirt and rocks
For instance: today.  Today we were supposed to go skiing.  In reality we were supposed to ski over the Christmas break, but if you live along the Wasatch front, as I do, you will have noted the lack of the pretty white powdery stuff that makes gliding along the mountains with sticks strapped to your feet both feasible and fun.  We still don't have much, but it is the three day weekend and thus we have time heavy on our hands.  So we go.  I'm up early packing the lunches and snacks and hot cocoa (w/ marshmallows!!) that is deemed necessary by my crew and make sure everyone has enough layers and hats, and helmets and 2 gloves and skis with the boots that go with them and hand warmers and goggles and poles.  We piled in and head up; it looks to be a bright shiny day and I am looking forward to being above the inversion.
We unload and I get everyone strapped into the boots and reach for my boots and discover that my foot slid into said boot really really easily.  This, if you are not a skier, should be nearly impossible.  The getting of the foot into the boot.  That is when I realize that the padded liners (the actual inside of the boot) had been removed for winter storage and somehow did not get put back in. Its a no go.  You cannot ski without the inside part of your boot.
This left me pretty cranky.  I left all the other people and came back down the mountain...no skiing for me today.
Typically this will be enough to put me in a cloudy stupor for the rest of the day, which leads to other mistakes and annoyances and such.
But then two things happened.  I watched Saturday Night Live while mopping the kitchen floor and Charles Barkley did a skit about "white people problems"....hmmmmm....and then I had a chance to reflect upon a conversation I had with an old friend last night whose mom just discovered this week that she has to have a radical mastectomy which led me to think about another dear friend whose mom has a degenerative brain disorder.
Suddenly my bad day didn't seem so important.
I am not always this self-reflective....and I'm not sure what to do with it.  But I'd like to be better.  I'd like to be the sort of person that stupid mishaps glide off of.  I'd like to have the things that matter in life be the sorts of things I spend my time and energy on.  Again, I'm not sure what to do with this.  I don't know what the next step is.
But, in case you are wondering, I am having an OK day.


  1. Did I tell you that when we went skiing on friday I left the pack with all of our gloves at home? Atla does not rent gloves, nor does the ski school loan them. You know, in case you ever find yourself up there in a similar situation. This is all to say, I feel your pain. And I'm proud of you for putting that annoyance in perspective; I should've read this Friday.:)

    1. Oh no! No gloves...it is difficult to play in the snow without gloves....sadly, I was in a foul mood for most of today and just kept letting myself get even more annoyed until I was searching for annoyances in everything around me. Sigh.
      It is so hard to be nice and good and kind and patient.