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Monday, January 9, 2012

To Health

How many of you decided to start the new year off with one of these?

  • Losing Weight
  • Eating Healthier
  • A Cleanse
  • Exercise more

Yeah, me too.

And this first week hasn't been too bad.  There were three things I wanted to conquer right off the bat.
Stop all that caffeine.  I have a real problem.  And I'm pretty sure it is eating me from the inside out....like most of the smokers I know, we've all "quit" before.  So Monday I stopped.  I expected a big fat headache and was prepared to deal with that but I didn't!  Or at least I don't think I had a headache.  It is possible that my head was hurting, but I didn't notice because my whole body was on fire from going to one of the Boot Camp Body things (the second thing).  I think the muscles that shouldn't have been hurting (like the tiny ones inside your ear, for instance) were hurting out of solidarity with all the major muscles in my body that were screaming foul vulgar things at me.  The workout was bad, but when I could hardly walk back to my car...I knew I was in for it.
This is what healthy eating looks like...

I also went grocery shopping (go healthy eating!).  I didn't do any sort of juice fast or lemon juice cleanse or anything like that...I just don't last on those things, so I went with a super healthy vegi/fruit based plan for the week.
And I did pretty well until about Friday night and then everything fell apart.  I am weak.  But I'm back up and running today...adding in healthy grains for variety.

We'll see how this week goes.  My boot camp thingy got cancelled this morning, but I have the option of going tonight...we'll see if my resolved holds up.  I don't feel like any of this should be as hard as it is.  Boo.

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