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Monday, January 2, 2012

Organize your way to a better clutter-free life!

Yeah, well...one can dream.  I do get the itch to "start anew" on a lot of stuff right about the first of the year.  I like the idea of de-cluttering a home, I just don't quite ever get there.
I DO however, have one little nugget of fantasticness that I will share.  I started doing this a couple of years ago because I was so bad at getting the birthday cards and Mother's Day cards and Anniversary Card out to all the family members.  I usually buy one of those big fancy card sets from Costco, which for my extended family usually covers most people & their special day.  Uncle Bryce this year will get a sympathy card for his birthday because I ran out of manly looking cards, but I chose him because he is the least likely to even look at the card.  It is his wife who cares-she will chalk it up mistakenly for irony or cleverness on my part.
So I gather a card for everyone for everything.  I have all the addresses in a lovely file on my computer which I then print out onto address labels.  I have my own address labels, and I have stamps.  For the kids who live away (so I don't get them an actual gift), I either go get them crisp 1 or 2 or 5 dollar bills up to their birthday age until they hit 10 and then I go get Target gift cards-They max out at a $10 GC. It is way cheaper than shipping stuff.

I pre-address and pre-stamp ALL the cards and insert the $$ or CG and then I put them in order for the year with sticky notes telling me which notes each group goes out.  Then at the beginning of the month I pull them out and have my kids autograph them and mail them all out.

I'm also really into Thank-you cards, so I also have my kids sit down and do all the Thank-you's from Christmas while we're doing the card thing.

It is a bit of an investment right at the start of the year (especially if you have a big family), but well worth it-because then you don't have to deal with it the rest of the year. Plus I feel awesome and organized and with it for a day.

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